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Do You Keep ‘Falling Off the Wagon’? Here’s How I Can Help

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

So you’ve been reading through my blog posts, checking out my Facebook group and Instagram page, but you might not understand why you need a health coach to achieve food freedom, exercise to feel good, and finally respect and love your body.

You probably have some wellness goals you’d like to achieve after countless trials and errors. Maybe you want to lose weight in a healthy, non-restrictive way and keep it off for good, or you want to eat healthier but always end up ‘falling off the wagon’. Maybe you want to exercise more and can’t seem to keep up with your workout plan.

On top of that, there’s a lot of information out there about health and wellness. You can find one study that tells you why you should limit carbs, and the next you’ll learn how carbs are essential for your body to function. You might see fitness influencers telling you to workout every single day no matter what, but then you’ll see research about how high intensity workouts everyday can have harmful effects on your health.

With all of this noise and confusion about what to eat, how to move, it’s so easy to lose track of what’s best for YOU and feel frustrated and give up on your goals.

Have you felt this way before?

Well, I promise, you’re not alone!

The good news is.. the answers are inside of you, you’ve just let the noise and confusion drown out your instincts.

As a health coach, my superpower is helping clients turn down the noise and lean into their food freedom. Food freedom can look like this: one of my clients always felt guilty about going out to eat with friends, but after working together she was finally able to order the food she wanted from the menu instead of picking the salad every time. This newfound food freedom meant less stress around eating and more energy to actually enjoy time with her friends.

My clients are able to get clear on what they want to feel when they look in the mirror and what foods they wish they could enjoy guilt-free again. Once we figure out what they really want, we set small action steps to move forward and start achieving those goals.

I love seeing clients learn to trust their instincts again, honor their hunger cues, workout in a way that makes them feel strong and confident, and start to honor, respect, and love their bodies. I support my clients every step of the way as they make those small attainable changes, so they can finally say “yes” to dessert when they’re craving something sweet, eat salads because they want to, not because it's the 'good' option, and look in the mirror with confidence, loving the person staring back.

Here’s how one of my clients described my approach to health coaching: “There's not a “one size fits all” method when it comes to Marissa, she is able to work with you to bring forward a good plan for you and only you." I customize my program for each and every client because I know everyone needs support in different areas. As my client, you are the focus and priority, we will discuss what works best for YOU. Together we’ll focus on building on your strengths and I’ll support you where you need help!

This is what another client had to say about our work together: “I’m so grateful for all

[Marissa] has helped me accomplish, and I will carry everything she taught me throughout the rest of my life. I could not recommend working with her more.”

Are you ready to love and respect your body again? Let’s discuss how I can help you achieve your food and body freedom! Book your free 30 minute assessment call - where we’ll figure out some simple steps you can take this week to quit feeling guilty around food! Space is limited, so book your call ASAP!

Be Well,


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