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Essential Steps to Creating Successful Habits That STICK (Part 2 of 4)

Last week, I shared step one to creating a successful habit that stick.

Are you ready for step two?

Step 2: Start with Small Steps

We usually think change should happen overnight. But, forming a habit that lasts requires a few steps to get there. I told you there's a lot of layers to this. Beyond the 4 steps to successful habits, there's even smaller steps you have to take.

I like to take BJ Fogg’s "tiny habit" approach with my clients. Here’s basically how you do it. First, think about a habit you already have, and then tack on the new habit you want to form in a very small way.

An example from BJ Fogg was that he wanted to do more push ups. Every time he used the bathroom (a habit he already had), he would do TWO push ups (a small, do-able amount). Just this small “tiny habit” turned into doing consistent push-ups everyday. In the potty training scenario, my nephew didn’t go from diapers to potty trained overnight. The first small step was using the potty right when he got home from daycare. Having a consistent time to use the potty everyday was the small, do-able “tiny habit” that eventually he could gain confidence in and build off of.

One of my clients wanted to make daily walks a habit. So she took a habit she already had, her lunch break, and started out with a 5-minute walk down the block and back. Now, this client takes walk breaks multiple times per day, in addition to a 30-minute lunch walk everyday!

Clients seeking food and body freedom are definitely eager to feel the effects quickly, but approaching a new habit step by step, with “tiny” do-able actions is the KEY to the “overnight success”.

Next week, I'll chat about step three of forming a successful habit that sticks!

If you'd like some support before then, and are READY to quit dieting for GOOD and finally eat food you love and feel confident in your body, join me for a free 30-minute assessment call so we can figure out some "tiny habit" steps you can start taking this week to access your food and body freedom.

Book your free call here!

Be Well,


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