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Essential Steps to Creating Successful Habits That STICK (Part 4 of 4)

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Creating habits is HARD, and the journey is different for everyone!

That's why I've been breaking down the 4 ESSENTIAL steps to creating successful habits that STICK (as in, it's not like a diet -- this the way to create habits that will LAST a long time).

In case you missed the first three steps, I highly recommend you read-up on: step one, step two, and step three.

Ok, let's get into the FINAL STEP of creating successful habits:

Step 4: Shift Your Identity

How you think about who you are will shape who you become.

After years of being stuck in old habits, you probably identify as a person who can never change. By identifying with this old habit you’re embracing a story that probably isn’t true, but you just continue to believe it to be true. For my nephew, he followed all of the small steps, he was slowly using the potty more and more, and wearing diapers less and less. But, the full formation of the habit didn’t happen until he let go of his “baby” identity, a baby who relies on diaper changes, and started to embrace his new identity of being a kid who uses the potty.

He’d started to say things like: “I’m big and I don’t need a diaper” He embraced his potty-trained identity, and using the potty was no longer a struggle. It was simple, it came naturally, and the habit was formed.

I encourage my clients to re-think their identity based on the habit they want to form. My client who wanted to make movement more of a habit used to identify as a “lazy” and as a “sedentary” person. She felt trapped in that identity, and truly believed that was just the way she was, so she could never stick with the actions and “habits” to change. After working with this client, she was able to shift her perspective and start identifying as an “energized” and “active” person. Together we focused on bringing that identity to life with questions like: “What does it look like to be energized and active?”, “What does an energized and active person do everyday?”, “What does it feel like to be an energized and active person?”. I watched this client become energized and active, and a person who craved movement!


If you're feeling frustrated because you keep trying to make “healthy” changes in your eating or you can never seem to stick with your workout plans, I want to help and show you...

it IS possible to create new habits for food and body freedom.

Join me for a FREE 30-minute assessment call where we'll identify the simple, doable, small action steps you can take this week to make BIG changes and start forming new healthy habits you'll actually be able to stick with so you can finally start eating and moving in a way that doesn't feel so punishing AND has you loving your body.

Book your free call here!

You can finally quit your diet-driven habits, and start feeling confident in your body and enjoy your food again, guilt-free!

Be Well,


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