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Have Your Weight Loss Goals Taken the Fun Out Of Food?

One of my clients used to describe herself as a “foodie”.

She had so many memories traveling to new places, discovering new restaurants and trying new foods. She could describe every detail about the flavors of her favorite meals.

Things started to change when her weight began to fluctuate. She started to fear certain foods. She was trying to lose weight and her hobby of trying new restaurants lost its appeal, it was too stressful to find ‘healthy’ options on the menu.

She started to cancel plans with friends, skip family dinners, and judged herself every morning when she stepped on the scale. She traded fun nights out for long gym sessions,

and traded her adventurous palate for a calorie tracking app. As she tried to control her food, she lost control of her social life, relationships, and self worth.

This client came to me desperate for a change, desperate to feel good in her skin. She felt like she tried *everything* to lose weight, and continued to become more miserable and disappointed with herself.

After working together on a mindful, intuitive eating approach, this client started facing her food fears. She deleted the calorie tracking app, and started listening to her own body cues for how much to eat. She re-discovered her love for food, re-connected with friends, her weight stopped fluctuating, and she started to love her body again.

I love helping clients rediscover their love for food, ditch the guilt they feel around dining out, and feel confident in their bodies again!

I want to help YOU do it, too! I’m offering a FREE 30-minute food & body freedom assessment call! On the call we’ll get clear on the one simple shift you can make today to start loving your food and your body again!

Book your free call here!

Be Well,


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