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How Exercising The Same Way Everyday Is Actually REVERSING Your Results!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I used to exercise the same way every single day.

I would push myself to do high intensity workouts, running, HIIT, "Insanity", avoiding rest days, hoping to achieve the best results that I could.

I started to notice that sometimes, this "just do it" attitude was making me feel burnt out, instead of energized. It made me feel weak, instead of strong.

I discovered Alissa Vitti's book Woman Code, which talks about how you can balance your hormones and what you should eat, how you should move and rest during different phases of your menstrual cycle in order to feel amazing all month long (yes, even during your period!)

We aren't really taught this but there are four phases to the female menstrual cycle: follicular, ovulation, luteal, and menstrual. During each of these phases, your body requires different types of nutrients/food, movement, and focus in order to function it's best!

Women are designed to fluctuate with the phases, but we often resist, and try to "push through" and do the same intensity of workouts every single day. It may seem like people who do this are just more committed, or have better willpower, but it can actually be dangerous for women's health to do intense workouts throughout the full month.

Why? Well, most of the research around fitness is conducted on men, and if you didn't know already - women’s bodies function very differently from men’s. When women follow the male-centric exercise plans, they're often disappointed that they don't get the results promised, or feel discouraged that they don't have the commitment or willpower.

Have you felt this way before? Me, too.

But it's NOT your lack of commitment or willpower!

The problem is, doing high intensity workouts all month long actually works against women’s hormones, which can reverse the fitness results you've worked so hard to achieve!!

So here's the new plan and how you can go with your flow and give your body the movement it needs, and finally feel amazing all month long!

First Half of Your Cycle (Follicular & Ovulation): The day after your period ends, your follicular phase begins. This is the best time to do high intensity workouts like running, cycling, HIIT, bootcamp, dance, etc. Your metabolism is naturally slower during the first half of your cycle and hight intensity workouts and cardio will speed it up.

Second Half of Your Cycle (Luteal & Menstrual): A little over a week before your period starts, you enter your luteal phase. Your metabolism speeds up as your body starts to produce a thicker uterine lining. Your energy will drop which is why it's a good time to slow down your movement. During the luteal phase focus on strength training and intense yoga, and during the menstrual phase do even slower and gentler activities like slow flow yoga or stretching or walking or... ya know just REST.

Moving according to your cycles can actually make you stronger, more fit, and feel better. Moving this way can also reduce PMS symptoms and cramping during your period! Sign me up!

Let's honor our female bodies and move the way we're meant to!

We'll be more powerful for it!

Be Well,


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