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How my Clients Break Up with Yo-Yo Dieting and Binge Eating (after ONE free coaching call)

Real client results after ONE free 30-minute call:

“The conversation I had with you really helped me. I lost five pounds and I’ve made a mental connection about what makes me feel good and how I want to feel.”

Can you believe it?! Real results: better relationship with food and her body, physically feeling better, stronger, and healthier. Those are the mindset shifts that lead her to losing 5lbs - and keeping that weight off.

This can be YOU!

Have you wondered what “food and body freedom” might mean for you?

Have you been thinking about signing up for a free call, but worried about where it will lead?

Does it mean you’ll gain weight?

Does it mean you’ll be “letting yourself go”?

Does it mean you’re no longer going to take care of your health?

Let me ease your worries- food and body freedom really IS as good as it sounds. Food and body freedom means you are free to enjoy all foods: nutritious, less-nutritious, and everything in between without guilt, restriction, obsession, or shame and finally feel amazing in your body.

Food and body freedom means finally feeling confident to eat all foods without fear, so you can enjoy your life without stressing over food.

Food freedom means removing the labels you’ve put on food (“good” or “bad”), and taking away the rules of when you can eat, and how much you can eat.

So when you have food freedom, you're finally trusting your body to tell you what it needs. That means no more weight fluctuations, and NO MORE yo-yo dieting!

Food and body freedom means feeling confident in your body, and finally learning to trust and love your body.

The client I mentioned, signed up for a free 30 minutes call with me. We unpacked her dieting past and all of the things she tried to control her food, lose weight, and feel confident. She tried everything: keto, whole30, low carb -- you name it. She told me about the cycle she’s been on for years: dieting, losing weight, gaining it back, feeling like she failed each and every time.

She loved her morning Peloton rides, but no matter how much she worked out - her weight wouldn’t budge, and her confidence continued to plummet.

On our free 30 minute call, we created some action steps. We worked on her mindset around food, her relationship with food and we realized there was some background noise coming through with her dieting past.

Her obsession with food rules and diet restrictions, forcing herself to eat “healthy” during the day lead her to binge-eat “junk food” late at night. There was no balance, she kept getting stuck in a weight plateau and wasn’t feeling confident when she looked in the mirror.

She was a busy mom, and day-after-day she was putting herself last because she was just trying to get her kids where they needed to go, and make sure they had what they needed first. She realized she was never prioritizing her needs, she never sat down mindfully with her food, every meal was eaten on-the-go, in a rush, and she never felt satisfied after her meals.

We discussed different ways she could be more mindful with her eating, where she felt guilty around certain foods, and where her food fears stemmed from.

After just one free 30-minute call, she took the action steps we put together and she went off and put them into play in her life.

She saw two major shifts in just a few weeks:

  1. She lost 5 pounds.

  2. Her relationship with food is so much better. She no longer focuses on the right and wrong foods to eat - but instead she tunes in and listens to how those foods make her feel, finally allowing herself to trust her body. She finally feels confident in her body, because she finally broke the diet cycle that led to binge-eating and holding onto the weight.

Food and body freedom doesn’t mean “letting yourself go” - it's actually the opposite. It's actually taking back your control.

You are taking control of your health and your and your life and no longer giving it away to a diet, and you're no longer giving it away to anything else.

I watched this client specifically, and many other clients take back their control over their health, their relationships, their energy, their brain space, and their confidence. Energy to give to their friends and family, instead of feeling burnt out on a limited amount of calories.

Brain space to focus on their business, careers, and hobbies, instead of letting dieting consume every thought in their head. Confidence to show up in the world as their true selves, instead of feeling defeated and stuck every time they look in the mirror.

Food and body freedom isn’t just about food -- it’s about giving yourself the freedom and power to create the wild and beautiful life you want to live!

Are you ready to access your food and body freedom and all of the above benefits and SO MUCH MORE?

Join me for a free 30-minute assessment call where we can get clear on the easy first steps you can take to FINALLY break-up with dieting, heal your relationship with food and feel confident in your body!

Book your free call here!

Be Well,


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