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Why Labeling Foods 'Good' and 'Bad' is Keeping You From Food Freedom

I had a client who feared eating ‘white’ foods: white bread, white rice, white potatoes.

She started labeling them "bad, "unhealthy”, or “off limits” and avoided them completely.

The more she avoided these foods the more she felt like she had to plan ahead for every meal, going out to eat with friends, having dinner with family, ordering from her favorite takeout place.

Once she started to cut these foods out, things just spiraled. More foods made it onto the "bad" and “unhealthy” list. She started having problems with digestion, sleep, and anxiety, and she started to feel overwhelmed like her body was turning against her.

She went to doctor after doctor and none of them had an answer to what was going on.

She came to feeling like everything was out of control, worried that she was never going to feel herself again.

After 6 months of working through her food fears and mindset together, this client slowly started to introduce those fear foods. She started ordering sandwiches on white bread once in a while, and recognized nothing bad happened after!

Now, she eats freely and no foods are ‘off limits’. She can go out to dinner without anxiously browsing the menu 10x before for a ‘healthy option’, she can order Chinese takeout with white rice, and she can enjoy dinner with family stress-free.

Plus, her digestion is back on track, her sleep has never been better, and her anxiety doesn’t control her day. She no longer stresses about her weight, and she went to the beach this summer feeling more comfortable and confident than ever. Best of all, she feels like herself again.

Are you ready to stop feeling stressed about food choices and finally feel like yourself again, too?

You CAN have a healthy relationship with food and feel good in your body and I want to help you get there.

That’s why I’m offering a FREE 30-minute food & body freedom assessment call. Together we'll figure out the first simple step you can take towards your food freedom so that you can stress less about eating, and focus more on what makes you feel good!

Space is limited, book your free call today!

Be Well,


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