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Refresh Your Resolutions: Why January is the WORST Time to Start Healthy Habits

January 1st... new year, new me! You get a gym membership, you start the Whole30 plan, you're eating "paleo" for the first time in your life... and then we get to the summer and you've barely worked out in weeks and you've ordered takeout more than you've cooked this year.

Listen, I'm a health coach! I want you to be your best self any month of any year but if I had to pick a month, January is the WORST time to start your health journey. Here's why.

  1. January is the middle of WINTER. In the winter there are very minimal fresh foods growing. We've got squash, potatoes, and root veggies. They are delicious and I love them but in the spring and summer there are endless options! Think: berries, stone fruit, tomatoes, corn, eggplant, zucchini.... I could go on and on! It's so easy to eat healthy and delicious things in the summer because the produce is so bountiful!

  2. Again, winter - who wants to be active in the winter? We're in hibernation mode, less daylight means less early morning runs and less after-work walks. Our bodies need this time to slow down in the cold winter months, so don't force yourself into a 30-day fitness challenge! The summer heat may be daunting but we're naturally more active - the sun practically pulls us outdoors for walks, hikes, runs, and other outdoor sports!

  3. The best time to start your healthy habits is NOW, today, yesterday! Why do we feel the need to wait for this yearly "refresh" to set resolutions? There is no better time than now. Your health is not more important in 6 months, it's important now!

  4. 'Healthy habits' doesn't mean restrictive 30-day diets, or crazy workout routines. It doesn't mean only eating salads and smoothies for the rest of your life (did you hear about how I quit salads and smoothies?). Feeling healthy means feeling like your best, most confident self. It means feeling so good that you're ready to do more of what you love. It means, not being held back from our lives!

So don't wait to make your 2021 resolutions. Start right now! The produce is fresh and the sun is bright! Right now is the BEST time to refresh your resolutions for your health!

I'm offering a FREE 5-Day Resolution Refresh Challenge starting Monday, August 17th!

I'll talk about three things you can do everyday to live a healthier, more vibrant life!

We'll set NEW healthy resolutions and goals for the week and hold each other accountable!

Everyone who submits their goals and achievements will be entered to win my Resolution Reset Raffle!

You can sign up for this challenge by clicking here!

I hope to see you there!

Be Well,


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