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Scrolling for the Secret to Weight Loss? How Google Is Keeping You From Your Food & Body Freedom

Do you LOVE a good Google search?

A deep-dive into all of the information, the reviews, the research, the “proven” things that WORK. For, energy, for weight loss, for body confidence, for suppressing your cravings.

Sure, Google and research can be great, but it can also lead you into information overload, and keep you from achieving your goals, and ultimately from your food and body freedom.

I know because as a food mindset coach, clients come to me all of the time with a million questions about a million different things they heard or read about.

Maybe you've asked some of these questions, too?

"I saw on the news that intermittent fasting has a TON of health benefits -- but I'm so hungry in the morning- I don't think I can do it. But, should I be doing it?"

"I know what I need to do. My friend started __(insert nutrition/exercise program here)__ and is doing great! I just have to get started and stay committed."

The thing about 'health' and ‘wellness’ is that there’s A LOT of information out there, and a lot of it can be contradictory.

So how do you know what's RIGHT for you?

How do you get started if you're constantly absorbing all of the info and never actually taking action?

Here’s what I tell my clients: It’s safe to say lack of information is not the reason why you’re not achieving your goals, or why you still feel addicted to food, or why you don’t feel confident in your body.

There’s no RIGHT or WRONG path to feeling like your best, most confident, and healthy self -- it’s what works best for YOU.

You can do all the research, read all of the articles, watch all of the documentaries, but if you’re just following the research, instead of listening to what works for your body -- you’ll never find the “right” thing for you.

A great example of this is with parenting.

Expectant parents and new parents want to be the best parents they can be. So, they read all of the parenting books, do all the classes, join all of the Facebook groups, and try to be as prepared for parenting as possible.

While the books, trainings, groups, and knowledge are helpful -- parents doing all of these things aren’t going to be great parents because of all of the research they’ve done, they’re going to be great parents because they care about being a good parent and show up and DO the parenting.

I mean seriously, what actually makes a good parent? Not the books they read, but the real moments when the child is in their arms and they have to start actually parenting and have to trust their intuition.

If the facts weren’t in the book, or they do something differently than the Facebook group said to, it doesn’t make them wrong, it makes them humans figuring out how to be a parent, because there’s no RIGHT or WRONG, or “one-size-fits-all” way to be a good parent, it's truly different for everyone.

This is why having a food mindset coach is so beneficial. I help my clients weed through all of the information and actually figure out what’s right for them and their body (because you know those aren't one-size-fits-all).

I help my clients find that balance - I help my clients make decisions that work best for them, so they can actually reach their health and body goals in a way that feels good and that they can actually stick with. I help clients stay on track instead of getting sucked into that overwhelm!

As a food mindset coach, I go the extra step beyond a general health coach, I help my clients with their mindset and support them on the days they want to give up and just hop back onto Google to find the secret, quick-fix plan and get sucked into more information overload and another diet that doesn’t work.

I help clients avoid falling into the trap of trying to Google their way to health, and a body they love and stay on track with eating what makes them feel good, and making peace with their bodies - so they can ultimately find total food and body freedom, like ditching restrictive diets that don't work long-term and finding they can still eat foods like pizza WITHOUT the guilt, and feel confident in their body!

I want to help YOU to stop scrolling obsessively for the magic diet and overwhelming

yourself with ‘secrets’ and information overload that only makes you feel more stuck, and hate your body more. I want to help you finally get clear on the right healthy choices that actually work for your body AND feel good.

Join me for a FREE 30-minute Food & Body Freedom Assessment call where we’ll get clear on the one simple shift you can make today to start loving your food and your body again - in a way that feels good for YOU!

Book your free call here.

Be Well,


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