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The Secret to Feeling Good In Your Body AND Ditching Diets Forever

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Are you always looking for the ‘quick fix’? You know, the program that tells you exactly what to eat and which workouts to do to lose 5lbs in a week?

If that’s what you’re looking for -- I might not be the health coach for you.

Let me explain.

I’ve been there. I wanted the ‘quick fix’, and I’ve tried so many of the programs that promised them! But, if you, like me, have tried these programs and got the ‘results’, you know you ended up right back where you started, feeling worse about your body and yourself than when you started!

A few years ago I thought I was finally going to achieve “real” results. I thought “this time is different, I’m fully committed!”.

I signed up for a popular multi-level marketing company that provides exercise programs, nutrition guides, and supplements to its users. I even became a ‘health coach’ for them (which by the way didn’t require any prerequisites or experience). I decided to commit to their workout and nutrition programs - and went all in!

The focus was only on weight loss, ‘before and after’ photos, working out 6-7 days per week (with very few ‘rest’ days), exercising to “earn food”, and portioning food in a very restrictive way. I was actually sent little containers to ‘portion’ all of my food! I remember counting out 5-10 almonds, knowing I wasn’t ‘allowed’ any more for the day!!

I know you’re probably wondering: did it work? Did I get ‘results’? Did I lose weight? Did my body change? Well, yes - kind of. The program did deliver some of the results it promised, but those results only lasted for so long and at a cost.

This was the cost of those ‘results”: I started to compare myself to all of the ‘before and after’ photos other people in the program posted, and my body image plummeted. I started calling off plans with friends because I thought it would take me ‘off track’ - so my social life

suffered. It's tough to squeeze friendships and a social life into portion controlled containers. I didn’t enjoy my favorite foods anymore, because I felt ‘guilty’ for eating them. I started skipping meals if I didn’t “earn them” because I didn’t work out that day.

I only lasted a few months as a ‘health coach’ with this company because I realized that the focus wasn’t on ‘health’. In fact, it supported very unhealthy thinking and behavior and it was very triggering towards a disordered eating and disordered fitness mentality. I know from speaking to clients and women like you, I'm not the only one.

The experience was harmful for both my physical and mental health, and I sure as HECK didn’t want to coach other women to do the same. Realizing this enlightened me to educate myself more in health, nutrition, and wellness. I wanted to be a health coach that supports people with their health in a way that feels good and empowering, not restrictive. That’s why I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Coaching Program. It was a year-long program where I studied hundreds of nutrition concepts, dietary theories, and nutrition science.

Today, I'm happy to share that I no longer restrict any food, I don’t feel the need to exercise intensely everyday, and I’ve reached a healthy and comfortable weight for my body. My education at IIN strengthened my belief and mission to help clients find their way to loving and nourishing their bodies and find their food freedom, which also happens to be the best and easiest way to reaching your body's healthy weight and maintaining it!

When I became a certified holistic health I wanted to combine my nutrition knowledge from IIN with my own personal experience and create a program that helps clients move away from the typical ‘quick fix’ approach.

In my program the focus is on well-rounded, realistic and sustainable health and food freedom, which means ‘results’ don’t always come 'quickly', but they will last well beyond the 6-month program and you’ll never have to go on another diet EVER again!

My clients learn to eat what makes them feel happy, healthy, and nourished. There’s no need to portion control, or count calories, macros, or obsess over ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food options. Clients stop feeling addicted to food and their binge eating habits stop! Clients are finally able to listen to their bodies' hunger and fullness cues - so they’re not pushing food around on their plate or eating until they’re uncomfortable. Many of my clients have even said that they’ve never felt more free to love and enjoy food in their lives.

I help clients build a healthier relationship with movement, so they can exercise in a way that makes them feel strong, powerful, and confident! I’ve helped people find a way to love exercise for how it makes them feel instead of how it makes them look.

Food freedom is huge for my clients, but they also gain so much more from my program. Clients increase their energy levels and decrease stress and anxiety. Many have improved their social lives and deepened their friendships and relationships. Some clients have found

more meaning in their career paths and rediscovered using creativity as an outlet or have found a new appreciation for spirituality.

My clients realize they never need to diet or sign up for a restrictive program ever again. Best of all, my clients learn to love, respect, and honor themselves and feel confident in their bodies.

I know my health coaching program is different from what else is out there, but that’s why it works, because what’s out there ISN’T working.

So ask yourself, do you really want that ‘quick fix: lose 5lbs in a week’ program (only to gain it back), and all the negative mental health, body image side effects that come with it? Or are you ready to do something different, find food freedom, achieve the healthy weight for you and finally feel confident in your body, with results that will last a lifetime?

If you’re ready to quit dieting for good and start loving your food AND your body again, I’m here to help! I’m offering a free 30-minute assessment call designed to help you discover the first steps to food and body freedom! Book a free call here and let’s start your journey to lasting results that feel good!

Let’s ditch those ‘quick fix’ scams for good, so you can love your food AND the skin you’re in!

Be Well,


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