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Why Do I Need a Food Mindset Coach?

I know you’re sick of TRACKING calories, macros, or points - and you want to TRUST yourself to make the RIGHT food choices, so you can finally feel confident in your body.

I know you LOVE carbs, and you’re tired of being told to limit them or replace them with cauliflower.

I know you’re TIRED of starting over with eating “healthier”, only to feel out of control and stressed out around food.

I know you WANT to stop feeling guilty every time you have an extra slice of pizza, and then feel shame when you’re staring at your “bloated” stomach in the mirror.

I know you HATE dieting, and don’t want to STRESS about stepping on the scale every day to know how good you’re allowed to feel.

I know you WANT to love your body and feel confident again, so you can stop spending so much time obsessing over food and actually use that time to start living your life!.

Then why aren’t you there yet?

Plain and simple, you need a food mindset coach.

There’s countless reasons WHY having a food mindset coach is KEY to achieving these goals, but let me share some of my favorite ways to support my clients so they FINALLY access their food and body freedom.

  1. CLARITY - My first job as a coach is to help you get clear on what it is you want to achieve. My clients usually come in with a vague idea of what they want to do (feel free to eat food they love without stress or guilt, feel confident in their favorite bathing suit, etc.) but the magic that helps them reach these goals is in their reason. I help clients dig deep into the root, the reason, the WHY behind what they WANT when it comes to their relationship with food and their bodies. This will clear the path for you to get motivated to finally break-free from hopping on another diet, and start actually ACHIEVING your goals to feel confident in your food choices and amazing in your body.

  2. ACCOUNTABILITY - Having me as your coach means we’re a TEAM working towards your goals to eat better, move more, and feel comfortable in your own skin. This means you’ll always have someone to report back to and keep track of your progress. Yes, having a friend or significant other as an accountability partner is nice - but you’ll probably push back on them from time to time. Investing in a coach and putting some money in the game means you’ll actually stick to the game plan and get those “healthier” results. If you’ve been promising yourself this is the time you finally start moving your body, you not only have my support to help you better understand the kind of movement that works for you, but I’m there to hold you accountable on those days we both know will come when you don’t want to show up for your workouts. My job is to gently push you or give you some tough love to make sure you’re staying on track.

  3. PERSPECTIVE - Talking to me as your coach gives you the opportunity to see things from a new point of view. I love to ask questions that will make you think about your goals, your confidence, and your actions in a whole new way-- this is the KEY to breaking down the diet culture walls and mental blocks and finally finding your food and body freedom.

  4. PERSEVERANCE - As a coach I support and listen to my clients for everything that comes up along the journey WITHOUT judgement. Going after your goals and making a BIG change means doubts will come up, you won’t always feel motivated, and sometimes you might feel discouraged, like you’re missing the mark. As your coach, I’m RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. For example, when you find yourself nit-picking a photo of yourself, unhappy with your body, that moment when you find yourself wanting to jump into another quick-fix diet, I will be there to support you and remind you why you gave up dieting in the first place (cough cough, the results don’t LAST!), the progress you’ve made, and the encouragement to keep going!

  5. CONFIDENCE - Having me as your coach means having your own personal cheerleader. We can be SO hard on ourselves, especially when it comes to breaking negative food and body image habits we’ve had for years. My job is to support you through all of the challenges that come with becoming an intuitive eater, keeping up with a workout plan that feels good and NOT like punishment, and learning to love your body. I’ll always be on the sidelines reminding you of your strength to keep going! I will cheer you on and celebrate all of the milestones and progress towards trusting yourself to make the right food choices for you, and loving your body like you never have before!

Are you READY to stop obsessively counting calories and doing workouts that feel like punishment?

Are you READY to start feeling confident eating what you want, guilt-free, and truly loving your body?

Join me for a FREE 30-minute assessment call, where we’ll get clear on steps you can take as soon as this week to start eating more intuitively, so you can eliminate that food-guilt/shame, and start loving your body again.

Book your free call here!

Be Well,


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