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"When I started working with Marissa I was feeling really very defeated. I was underweight, sleeping horribly, dealing with a litany of gut issues, and scared of so many foods and how they could or would affect my stomach.

Marissa was monumental in helping me achieve food freedom, combat food fears, and rediscover my love for food.

She brought me back to the mindset that all foods can and should be enjoyed that I had when I was younger and missed so much. 

Marissa helped me tackle my sporadic sleep patterns by helping me create nighttime routines and focus on my breathing. Tracking my nights through our daily sleep chart enabled me to pinpoint certain triggers that were negatively affecting my ability to relax at night or fall asleep.

She also opened my eyes to a variety of different health resources outside of traditional medicine

such as Ayurveda and hormonal cycle syncing, which I incorporated into my everyday routines. I learned so much about my unique self and the variety of resources out there that can help aid me on my health journey.


If I had to describe the greatest gift I received through working with Marissa it would be best described by one word: balance.

Yes, she helped me tackle my gut, sleep, and hormonal issues, but she was also my saving grace when it came to tackling roadblocks in every area of my life. She emphasized the role mental health plays in physical health, and helped me repair my gut-brain connection to feel better both physically and emotionally.


Our sessions were like therapy for me. She was my go-to resource for advice in my career, dating life, and the best ear when I needed to vent, cry, or celebrate.


She helped me learn to stand up for myself, practice gratitude, and celebrate every one of my achieved goals, no matter how small.

I’m so grateful for all she has helped me accomplish, and I will carry everything she taught me throughout the rest of my life. I could not recommend working with her more."

- MA

I finally feel clear about what my mind and body need to function well

and be happy.


Before working with Marissa I spent 40 years in constant confusion and guilt around food, and eating “bad”. I was frustrated, and not seeing results with my body.


Working with Marissa has benefited me in so many ways. She helped promote a positive mindset, encouraging me to celebrate my achievements, no matter how small they may be, and feeling proud of myself.


Marissa helped me remove the stress and pressure I put on myself. When there were goals I hadn’t met, she encouraged me to keep going and provided me with a plan to be successful.
Now, if I have an “off” or “bad” day. I don’t dwell on the negative,

I can just move on.


Whether it be food related, mindset related, and anything else, she talked me through it and guided me in ways I wouldn’t have thought of myself.


One of the best results I have found is that I’m finally making time for myself.  Time to eat better by adding plants to my meals (not taking things away), plans to consistently exercise, time to breathe, and doing everything in a way that feels comfortable and doable for me. Making time for myself, even little things like winding down in the evening, is something I really look forward to and make a big difference in how I feel.


Marissa provided me not only with nutritional, health and body advice, but our sessions were so uplifting. Even on days I wasn’t up for the call,

I always, always, left our calls feeling uplifted and motivated.


Marissa is understanding, honest, knowledgeable, and motivational.

She helped me so much, especially going through the pandemic.  She just “gets it”.

- LA

"Working with Marissa was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


I reached out to Marissa when I was in a low place after 20 years of struggling dieting and body image. I felt like I was hopeless and that I simply didn’t have the willpower to make my goals a reality.


From day 1, Marissa has been a constant source of support, guidance, and encouragement as I transformed my relationship to food and to my body.

Marissa helped me to identify my “why” and instead of striving to achieve an unrealistic standard set by society,
I’m now focusing on the internal motivation of showing myself

dignity and respect.

Marissa broke down my goals into “bite-sized” pieces that were achievable and realistic.


As a holistic health coach, Marissa wasn’t just focused on the food or the movement, but rather she helped me take a full look at my life and offered suggestions for how I could best support my goals.


She helped me to create a better schedule and routine, to find joyful activities, and to be more personally reflective.


Her holistic approach made a world of difference in all aspects of my life and helped me to heal rather than simply put a band aid on the root causes of my lifelong battle with my body.

It isn’t a quick fix but it is the only true way to get results that will actually be sustainable.


With Marissa’s help, I’m now in a place I truly never thought would be possible for me;

I’m no longer in a constant battle with my body

and instead I’m listening to my body and showing it respect by eating intuitively and moving in ways that bring me joy.


I can’t believe how peaceful and liberated I feel! Marissa made this possible for me and I know she can do the same for you!"

- JS

My intuition told me to book a call with Marissa and I’m so glad I did.


She didn’t follow a formula. She let me talk about what was current and alive for me that I wanted to explore.


She asked good questions.


She offered some feedback and reflection that were very helpful and relevant to what I’d shared.


She was warm and caring and present.


I've continued to think about and integrate the things we talked about and the

suggestions she made.


I definitely got value from our conversation and

would highly recommend Marissa if you’d like to improve your relationship with food, weight, or body image."


"Marissa was so helpful in bringing a sense of balance and routine back into my life.

Our meetings were productive and helped me plan out my week so that I was prepared to be the best self I could be.


I saw progress in myself after the first three weeks. Once I knew how to achieve the weekly goals that I set for myself, I felt like I was back on track.


Marissa is intelligent, personal, and mindful of clients’ priorities. There's not a “one size fits all” method when it comes to Marissa, she is able to work with you to bring forward a good plan for you and only you."


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